As we are a small school, we currently have mixed age classes. Teachers plan and deliver an exciting and diverse curriculum to engage all learners helping them to achieve their full potential and based on their current learning needs.


Currently, the classes are as follows.

Class Name Year Groups Teacher Key stage
Hardwick Nursery and Reception Mrs Louise Shaw Early Years
Haddon Year 1 and 2 Miss Vanessa O'Shea Key stage 1
Wingfield Year 3 and 4 Miss Sophie Johnson & Mrs Rosie Turner Key Stage 2
Chatsworth Year 5 and 6 Mrs Esther Devonport Key Stage 2

We also have a Higher Level Teaching Assistant, Mrs Deaville, who is a qualified fitness instructor. She delivers P.E. sessions for the children in conjunction with covering teacher non-contact time. Mrs Holmes and Ms Morley, our teaching assistants, provide support for children with special educational needs and in nursery.