Chatsworth Class

Welcome to Chatsworth Class


This year, Mrs Devonport will be teaching Chatsworth Class supported by Mrs Holmes. There are 20 superb learners in this mixed 5/6 class who enjoying working hard and having fun. The children enjoy a range of activities including swimming lessons at Ripley Leisure Centre and Wild Wednesdays where they explore wildlife and nature.


Autumn Term 2 2022

What are the children learning in Autumn Term 2?

This term our class story is The Curse of the Maya by by Andy Loneragan and Johnny Pearce.

This term the children will be historians focusing on ancient civilisations with an in depth study into the Ancient Maya.

Throughout the term, we'll also be studying:


We are historians

We’re so lucky to have a range of technology available for the children to use. The children worked on a collaborative history project on their choice of ancient civilisation. Each child had a role to play and they worked so hard to research either Ancient Sumer, Benin, Indus Valley or the Shang Dynasty.



Learning Life Skills in Design Technology

The children have been working really hard to learn some new skills in sewing this term. They have now mastered running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch.

They have made great progress and now they’ll be moving on to sewing a bookmark which they have designed.

Autumn Term 1 2022

What are the children learning in Autumn Term 1?

This term our work is centred around the book 'The London Eye Mystery.'

The children will explore a range maps of London learning how to use Ordnance Survey symbols. This book will also help the children explore just who they are - physically through their work in science, emotionally through their work in PSHE and also create self portraits in art.


Marvellous Maps


The children loved looking at the Ordnance Survey maps of London. They learned how to use the legend to discover what the different symbols meant as well as reading them very carefully to find some of the landmarks they have already discovered in London. They were really impressed with the size of the maps - it's great that we have such a big hall to be able to set them out on the floor so we can look at them easily.


Wild Wednesday


What a great start to Wild Wednesdays! Our raised beds had become over grown with Lemon Verbena - it smelled lovely but made it rather tricky for anything else to grow. The children worked really hard to uproot all the weeds in these beds and will continue to tackle the weeds over the next few weeks. They'll then be planting some bulbs ready for a garden in bloom in the spring.