Haddon Class

Haddon Class is our infant class. The children in this class are either in Year 1 or 2. The learning environment is made up of both an indoor and outdoor area but the children also experience the wider school by using the hall, field and playground for PE and computer room for computing. The children in Year 2 take part in the Key Stage One Statutory Assessments (SATS) in the summer term. There are two elements to the statutory assessment process in Key Stage 1: tests and teacher assessment. The tests are used only to support teacher's judgement; it is the teacher assessment which is recorded as the statutory outcome. Statutory assessment takes place in ReadingWritingMathematics and Science. For each subject, teachers use the available evidence to reach one of a number of judgements, based on the national assessment framework.


The children in this class are taught by Miss O'Shea. 

If you would like further information on how to help your child with their learning, please come in to see Miss O'Shea you can email them at:  v.oshea@fritchley.derbyshire.sch.uk