Wingfield Class

This year, Miss Johnson and Mrs Turner will be teaching Wingfield Class with Mrs Tannahill as support. The Year 3/4 mixed class consists of 17 amazing children who work very hard.  The children in Wingfield Class take part in a wide range of activities including swimming at Ripley Leisure Centre and ukulele lessons with the Wider Opportunities Music Partnership.

Autumn 2022

We will start the year by becoming time travellers,  travelling back in time to the Roman era to find out what life was like. 

We shall explore artefacts, books and drawings to compare life in the Roman times to today.  Our text in English, Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit, will support this learning.

To start off our book study, Wingfield became archeologists, searching for clues as to what our topic is for this half term. There was lots of excitement when we discovered it is the ROMANS!

We ended our study of 'Escape to Pompeii' by writing our own stories with our chosen natural disasters. They turned out fantastic!

For the next part of the half term, our text is 'The Tin Forest'. We had lots of fun in our hook lesson looking at different recyclable items and creating posters about them, not forgetting to include noun phrases.

Our next text is, 'Beowulf' in theme with our new topic of Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Scots.

We started off 'Beowulf' by role playing as a group of Anglo-Saxons travelling from Europe in boats in search of good land to farm. We discussed what their lives would have been like and what kinds of jobs the people did on a day to day basis. We then studied the Domesday entries to form an understanding of William the Conqueror and the taxes he put in place.