At Fritchley Primary & Nursery School we teach all children (from Year 1 upwards) a cursive script as a way of promoting excellent handwriting and presentation across the school. A cursive script is a continuous script where every letter starts on the line. The alphabet below demonstrates this:

Every child's writing develops at a slightly different pace (as with most learning) but we have set out the following goals for each child's handwriting development.

 By the end of Reception year - the majority of children should be able to form all 26 letters of the alphabet correctly
 By the end of Year 1 - the majority of children should be able to form individual letters in our cursive script
 By the end of Year 2 - the majority of children should be joining their writing using our cursive script
 By the end of Year 4 - the majority of children should be ready to use a pen throughout Years 5 & 6


As with any skill, handwriting develops more rapidly with regular practice. Below are a selection of resources which you can download and use to develop your child's handwriting at home. Please speak with your child's class teacher if you have any questions about the resources, how to use them effectively or to discuss your child's handwriting.

Resources to Support Letter Formation

The following resources should be used to support children in learning to write individual letters in our cursive font (Year 1 onwards).

 alphabet with instructions on how to form each letter
 dotted alphabet to write over
 blocked alphabet to write within
dotted alphabet on lines (showing the relative size of each letter)

Resources to Support Joining

Once your child is forming each letter in our cursive font fluently, joining should start to follow quite naturally. Children may begin by joining pairs of letters or strings of several letters but will soon progress to joining all letters in a word.

The resources below are designed to provide children with practice of joining increasingly longer words.

 2 Letter Joins
 3 Letter Words
 4 letter joins
 5 letter joins
 curly joins - f, g, j, k & y
joining z, x & v