Welcome to our Maths page.

Play an important role in improving their children’s maths, as most of what we do is based on problems that they encounter in the world outside of the classroom. 

At Fritchley C of E Primary School, we aim to provide the pupils with a mathematics curriculum which will produce individuals who are numerate, literate, creative, independent, inquisitive, enquiring and confident.  We also aim to provide stimulating environments and experiences so that pupils can develop their mathematical skills to their full potential whilst at the same time developing a love of learning and an appreciation of the wonderful patterns underpinning the world of mathematics.

Maths Policies and Documentation

Websites to support learning at home

Supporting your child at home with their Maths skills is just as important as listening to them read. If you would like ideas and tips on how to help your children with their first steps in Maths, then CBeebies offers a wealth of information.

CBeebies – How to help your child be epic at Maths