Governors - Who we are & What we do

The governors are responsible for seeing that the school is run effectively and within the framework set by legislation and LA policies. We do not take detailed decisions about the day-to-day management of the school. Specific duties would include setting and monitoring the budget, and appointing staff.
The Headteacher is responsible for organising and managing the school and its staff, and for taking day to day decisions, within the guidelines set by the governing body.
Governors are the largest volunteer force in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The School Governors represent different aspects of the community.
As Governors we are interested in your view of the school and any improvements you would like to see take place.
The Governing Board of our school plays an important role in supporting the Headteacher, school staff and parents/carers.
Together with the Headteacher, the Governors help set the future direction for our school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent to facilitate this. Governors also make decisions on school policies, school development plans and performance targets.

Staff Governors:
A staff Governor can be any member of staff, teaching or support and is elected by other members of staff. 

Foundation Governors:
As Fritchley Primary & Nursery is a church school, our Foundation Governors are appointed through our local church, St Mary’s.

Parent Governors:
Any parent/carer of a pupil at the school is eligible to stand for election as a Parent Governor for the school. Other parents/carers elect the Parent Governors.

Local Authority Governors:
Local Authority Governors are appointed by the Local Authority and can be from any walk of life, and not necessarily living in the area.

Associate Governors:
Associate members are appointed by the governing body to serve on one or more governing body committee. They may also attend full governing body meetings. They are not governors and therefore do not have a vote in governing body decisions, but may be given a vote on decision made by committees to which they are appointed.

All elected or appointed governors are to serve for a period of four years. The chair and vice-chair are elected annually; currently the of vice-chair is held by Mr Robert Warren.
To contact the Governing Body, please enquire at the school office, or email Mr Robert Warren at

Who we are A bit about us...

Mr Robert Warren
I live locally in Crich, and have 2 children who attend the school. I have worked in secondary education in the east midlands for 17 years, within roles predominately centred around inclusion and pastoral care. I have been a Foundation Governor at Fritchley Primary School for 6 years, and over that time have held various roles including teaching and learning committee chair and vice chair of governors. I am passionate about ensuring that education is fully inclusive, and all children are able to achieve their very best.

Mrs Nicola Lancaster
I am currently a parent governor at school and I live within the Fritchley community and have done for several years. My experience is not educational however I own local independent businesses and I am a Mummy to two young children at Fritchley school. The reason I chose to become a governor was my desire to make a difference in every child’s learning experience and to make it as positive and enjoyable as possible.

Mrs Melissa Worthy
I have over 17 years of experience in an educational setting; I have been an Advanced Skills Teacher, Head of Mathematics and Assistant Principal in a Derby Secondary School. I am currently a maths tutor working with the National Tutoring Programme, Out of Hours Tuition and Kip McGrath. Most importantly, I am parent to two Fritchley pupils - Haddon and Hardwick class.

Mrs Katy Heavens
I am a foundation governor at Fritchley school and have been since 2020. My background is in hospitality management and most recently setting up and running a business with husband. I have two children that attend Fritchley school (currently in year two and nursery). Fritchley school is an inviting and caring school set within the heart of a small village. I believe that the values and ethos of the school will enrich and nurture the lives of all that attend. Combined with that, the school has dedicated members of staff and I happy to be supporting them, alongside the board of governors, to help the school be the best it can be whilst looking after the best interests of our children.

Miss Claire Burrows
I have a background in education and have been a qualified primary school teacher for 13 years. My passions are early years education and outdoor learning. I am a qualified level 3 forest school practitioner and see first hand the opportunities the great outdoors provides children of all ages. I strongly believe that the well being of both children and staff is paramount to ensure positive learning environments. I think we have an amazing school and strive to do all I can as a governor to support it. My son is currently in reception and my daughter is due to start nursery.

Ms Gwen Roe
I became a school governor partly because of lots of posters at work saying how important the role is. Having spent a life time working with children (although not in education) I thought it was a good way of continuing to use my skills and maintaining my interest in wanting the best for the children of our community. I strongly believe in the ethos that it takes a village to raise a child and want to be a part of a community that keeps children safe and offers them opportunities to be the best they can be. I live locally and am a foundation governor providing a connection with St Mary’s church.

Miss Vanessa O'Shea
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Mrs Rosie Turner
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Mr Robert Chatwin
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Mr Nicolas Brown
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Mr Robert Moore
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Mr Ian Whitehead
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