Adverse Weather Conditions

Here are the details of our snow procedure, which may affect children coming to and leaving school.

  • If the weather is very poor first thing in the morning, i.e. 7am onwards please listen to Radio Derby or Capital FM for the school closure roll call. The text service will also inform parents if the school will be open or closed.
  • School will keep parents updated via the text service during the day and if the weather conditions deteriorate a text will be sent to inform parents of an imminent closure.
  • If arrangements have been made between families to pick-up each others children from school – please let the school know so that children are not leaving the premises without permission from their parents.
  • Our main aim is to get everyone safely home during bad weather. It is important to keep the telephone line open. Please avoid phoning the school office unless absolutely necessary.

Please ensure that the school has been informed of your arrangements for collecting children during bad weather.

Please see our Adverse Weather Conditions Policy below for further details:

Adverse weather policy