Raising Funds (and spending them!)

How We Raise Money

We raise money by organising events for the families at school.

Some of our most recent events are the Autumn Fair with Go-Karting and a Climbing Wall, Christmas Disco, Horse Racing Supper, Sports Day Cream tea (proceeds to charity) and Summer BBQ.

We’ve had fashion shows, Easter bonnet competitions, Valentine discos, coffee mornings and ‘do’ refreshments at school events.

Usually the events are just for the school’s families but we also like to open some events to our village community. Some events are mainly for fun and to socialise.


How We Spend the Money We Raise

School staff suggest items that the school would like to purchase. Sometimes this will be from children asking for something. At other times it will be for resources to improve a particular area of the curriculum or school environment. E.g. In 2008 we spent £1000 on new Topic books for the library to cover all year groups.

In the main, FoFS funds are for the ‘extras’ not provided by the school budget, that make our children’s learning experiences much more fulfilling and exciting.

FoFS funds are not spent on improving the fabric of the school building, as this is the responsibility of the school Governing Body.

Our Constitution commits FoFS to spending money on things that will benefit the children directly.

We decide how to spend the money at Committee meetings.

We always try to be fair to all age groups and to balance short term purchases like craft materials with long term purchases like staging.