Online Safety

One of the biggest challenges facing parents and carers today is keeping up with the wealth of new technologies available and ensuring that your child stays safe when they are online. As part of our Computing and PSHE curriculum, we include lessons on Online Safety every year. It’s also important that parents and carers talk to children about these topics at home.

We have put together a list of resources for you to read about and use with your child if you want to. We hope you find them useful!

Information for Parents

Children's use of digital technology is one of the biggest threats to a child’s mental and sometimes physical well being. There are 1000’s of applications children use, many with the potential of creating a safeguarding concern and making a child vulnerable online. Common Sense Media is a great resource for getting to know about not just the apps available, but for all media that children and young people use, watch, read, or have access to. 

The UK Safer Internet Centre publish a newsletter which often contains practical and useful information regarding keeping children safe online. Their newsletters covers issues such as Pokémon Go and keeping safe during the holidays. Click here to visit their home page. You may want to sign up for their newsletter, too.


Other useful links on how to keep your child safe online can be found here. 

NSPCC - Keeping children safe online

Derbyshire Safeguarding Board

CEOP’s Think You KNOW



DCC - What is Bullying?


Parent Zone

On Line Bullying e-book for parents

Internet Safety E-book for Parents