Parent's Opinions

Parent's comments after the November 2018 Parent Survey.

'I frequently recommend this school to others as both my children have always loved it here, have lovely friends, love their teachers and are both exceeding where they should be.'

'Small classes, very friendly, great for including parents

I recommend this school to anyone.

There’s been loads of parents I have told about this school.'

'The school works tirelessly to meet the needs of my child, supporting her emotional development as well as her learning.'

'My children both enjoy school immensely. They take part in a variety of learning experiences which gives them motivation to learn.'

'All the staff are approachable. I feel able to discuss any issues which arise and most importantly the children are happy.'

'Good reasonable sized school, with good facilities and staff.'

'Fantastic school and teaching environment.'

'Terrific staff.'

'Really pleased with my child’s progress and the whole school.'

'Incredibly supportive staff who are incredible and have the children’s learning and welfare at the heart of everything.'

'It is a friendly school, which makes the whole family feel included. My child is taught well and makes good progress.'

'Very happy mum!'

'I am happy with this school and my child’s progress.'

happy at school
safe at school
taught well
well looked after
well led
christian atmosphere
good progress
well behaved
valuable info
governors role

We always value the opinions of parents and carers, and we always listen to what you say. Our aims as a school are to work in partnership with parents and carers and to develop mutual understanding and co-operation.

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Friendly, caring environment

I like that this is a small school. Every teacher knows every pupil. It makes it seem homely like one big family. Teachers have been very helpful with any concerns and both my children are happy. (Happy Mummy)

 Both my children absolutely love school and their teachers. Both progressing really well”

"With experience of many schools, I feel this one really tries to make school fun and interesting, placing great emphasis on my child’s well- being, not just her grades



Parents’ Survey Comments 2015

If you would like to complete the survey yourself, you can do so at any time at the Parent View section of the Ofsted website. The link for this is here:

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Please do continue to give us your feedback on positive areas of the school as well as ideas for improvement.